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Quite honestly, I knew about it mostly because it showed up every now and then on my tumblr dash and it intrigued me. Being a fan of both Jeff Goldbloom (and his Ichabod Crane) and Johnny Depp’s later rendering of the same (or actually, considering the liberties Burton took, a different) story , I was intrigued to say the least. I even, when I was in the US for a couple of weeks, happened upon an episode of it, watched it, liked it and kind of forgot it again.

Next I heard, again mostly on my dash, was that it was pending, after a weaker season 2, to be renewed or not for another season.

Of course, that’s when I conveniently chose to stick my head into this particular story.

Have I learnt nothing of Firefly? Have I learnt nothing of Flash Forward? Well, apparently not.

5 episodes in, I’m not sure whether to cheer or regret. Comes with being spoilered, if not plot-wise, then at least in sharing the suspension that the fandom apparently shares at the moment.

An optimist at heart, I vote for cheer.

Albeit, with a slightly heavy heart.

But let’s take it from the top

The story

Five episodes in, which, granted, doesn’t give a complete picture, I am very happy with what I see. A good mixture between episodic parts and a big back story that keeps the show interesting and me hooked from episode to episode. The plot itself seems interesting enough; the mythology twist coming from a Christian side this time – something which I haven’t seen so often and which I actually do appreciate quite a lot. I’m still in the process of figuring out the rules by which this particular universe operates (one should expect nothing else at this stage, I suppose), but no blatant logic errors as such.

Obviously, this is not the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but in fact a big variation on a theme, so I’ll not even try to compare it to other Sleepy Hollow adaptions. As far as I’m concerned, they took some motives and some names, but apart from that, it’s simply a different story.

Which is fine by me. I know the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I want to be told a new story.

I am skeptical of time travel stories. They are notoriously difficult to pull off and prone to logical errors, but this technically isn’t a time travel story (yet?), and for now everything seems to fit so far.

I like the balance between world-destroying plot on the one side and exploration of the characters on the other – feels well balanced to me from where I’m sitting. Which brings me to

The characters

Three words. I love them. All of them. They work in combination as well as separately. I was instantly hooked on shrewd, badass, yet on second glance also not quite as shiny Abbie Mills, and apart from the fact that one has to admit that Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane is true eye candy, his rendering of the character is great. Well. Not sure if true to the original Crane, but who cares. As I stated above, this is so much of a variation on a theme that I won’t really compare it to the original. What matters is that he pulls of a believable pretty-intelligent-man-waking-up-in-a-really-weird-world-trying-to-get-his-footing. And that’s a lot, for starters. Bonus points for the body language, which seems pretty believable to me.

The sidekicks – three cheers for them as well. Corbin (who’s not quite what he appeared to be – my, that man was a surprise) Irving (gosh, that man is desperately trying to hold things together…), Jenny (heavens, Jenny, don’t get me started on the sister dynamics she and Abbie have that hold the potential for many, MANY more quarrels and conflicts to come) and a few others as well. Katrina’s ethereal in her own way, but I can’t really grasp her yet. She’s obviously a woman of secrets, and I guess, there still will be some more. I’m intrigued

So- great characters: check. That alone is usually enough to get me hooked.

The screenplay and set

For now the demands haven’t been so high on the needed sceneries. Nice, somber and gothic where needed, otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. Befitting, mostly. I could do with a little more surreal for the purgatory. But maybe that’s intentional.

All in all

Even five episodes in, I’ll add my plea to that of others… please renew it. There’s more than enough potential to go around!