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So now I’m a specter. An agent of the citadel, equipped with an authority I would have never dreamed of. Oh. And I have my own ship. Bit of a bummer that my old captain had to go to allow that, but well. The life if a soldier, I guess.

A few gaming evenings later, I have kind of adapted to the gameplay and even the steering of the landing vehicle isn’t so much of an annoyance any more. OK, granted, the physics engine (or not) of that thing still beats me – it somehow never quite reacts as I expect it to, but I can manage – yet on the whole I have found my pace in the game.

I also, I think, have found all of my potential companions (if the picture when I take on a mission is anything to go on…) and quite a number of worlds, inhabited and uninhabited.

But let’s stay on the companions for a moment, since this is what is really somewhat Bioware’s trademark – the great companions to share your adventure with.

Kaidan Alenko: The companion that has been with me for the longest time, basically since the beginning. One of the two human companions, and clearly meant to be the sympathetic one (Ashley having more rough edges). I like the biotics concept and the way how it’s both good and bad. Comes softly, sometimes temper shines through, but clearly more of a still water. Well. They run deep, they say. I’ll see if that holds true.

Ashley Williams: The other human, but definitely with more grit. Opinionated, strong, a good female character, I would say. A bit on the pro-earth side, though, I’m not sure yet how much that drives into the racist direction. Interesting facet though, and definitely adds to the color of the world. I wonder if she and Kaidan ever get into heated arguments. I could picture it.

Urdnot Wrex: My first thought, after having shared a few moments with him was “ah, here we have the muscle”. Well. Turns out we don’t. Or at least not only that. Apart from the fact that the concept of the krogans, just like the concept of many of the other races, is intriguing indeed, there is much more to that particular mercenary than meets the eye. A still water again, or better, a truth hidden behind an armor, a gun and a very war-like attitude. Definitely a character with potential.

Garrus Vakarian: Ah, the righteous police officer. Up to now, he’s the character that’s most prone to cliché, but I like him none the less. Seems to know very well what he wants, that one, and seems to be a good solid pillar that a confused Shepard can rely on once things turn to the rough side.

Liara T’Soni: My, she’s just a kid. No matter how old she really is, she’s just a kid. Good that she doesn’t seem to have a streak of her antagonistic mother in her. Her enthusiasm, and even her face, remind me a little of Dagna from Dragon Age origins; and she’s endearing in her own way, but also the kind of kid you somewhat wanna make keep to her room, because you just know she’s gonna be trouble

Tali’Zora na Rayya: My favourite, plain and simple. Space gypsies? I mean, how cool is that? I love the concept of the fleet, and everything that goes with it, and I love it to pieces. Very innovative, and the way she discovers the world throughout the game is fun indeed.

And so that’s the crowd. One might give a honorable mention to Joker, whose sass and attitude I really appreciate.

So again, Bioware does what Bioware does best – creating fabulous characters in a great world to play with.

So game on.