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As many other (especially European) geeks and nerds, I have been an avid follower of the happenings around the Rosetta mission and the first thing to ever (sort of) land on a comet in a more or less controlled manner.

For those, who’ve been living on the moon, or who are not into this kind of nerd thing (hang on, what are you doing here, then…? 😉 ), if you want to know I can only recommend to watch the ESA videos on the subject, because they are cute beyond measure.

The start of the mission

On the road…

Getting impatient

Passing time on the way

Preparing to land

Being a nerd of the space kind, occasionally, I followed the comet landing by the tweets of @ESA_Rosetta and @Philae2014, which basically were almost too cute to be legal, and the overload of cuteness and immature personalization of actually soulless objects and space ships got me to the drawing board (something which doesn’t really happen often…).

So here’s my interpretation of what happened when Philae actually tried to touch down onto the comet 67P, and actually made a triple landing instead of one:

Little Philae1

ESA, of course, interprets it differently (Probably a PR thing…)

So, now Philae is sleeping, and I hope his dreams are peaceful ones. Or absurd ones…. Like the one that I imagined the other day

Little Philae 2

So, that’s how far the story got… with lots of science and groundbreaking technology in the process, and it would be a shame, wouldn’t it, if Philae just continued his sleep, never to wake up again to bring us an exciting continuation of its adventures.

So, I softly call:

Wake up, sweet prince